Toronto, Canada (2020-Present)

A bunny playing in snow.

I am a Staff ML Engineer at Level AI where I work on automating intelligence extraction from conversational data. After moving to Canada, I built QuickFin.AI, a natural language search engine for structured and unstructured financial data.

Cambridge, USA (2018-2020)

Harvard Yard during Fall.

After eight years in Finance, I followed my interest in Machine Learning and in 2018 I joined Harvard University's Master's Data Science program as a full-time student. During Spring 2019, I worked with the Visual Computing Group in the area of Shape Analysis for the exciting field of Connectomics. Our work was accepted in Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition Workshops 2020.

Hong Kong and Singapore (2012-2018)

Hong Kong from the Victoria Peak

I worked in these gorgeous cities as an investor in debt securities. Most recently I was a Vice President at BlackRock where I was investing in Private Debt of Indian companies. Prior to that, I was a research analyst with the bonds/loans trading desks at Nomura. I had some fabulous mentors during this period to whom I'll be eternally grateful.

As a part of my Finance jobs, I visited several interesting places of business, like one of the world's largest iron ore mines, a sheep farm as large as Singapore, an integrated steel mill, and many others! I also got to travel to various cities in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and India!

Delhi, India (👶-2012)

Humayun's Tomb

Delhi is my home! I finished my schooling in Delhi and then went on to do my Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Delhi. I followed it up with an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. I owe a lot to all these places of education.